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About Ivy Verified Token Holders

KYC and KYT are central tenets of Ivy’s strategy and product. We compete in highly regulated markets, where verification and security are of paramount importance to our clients. We believe in leading by example and therefore strive to operate our own business in accordance with our product’s values and standards. As a result, we are taking a considered approach to our own communications and investor relations disclosures.

We are requesting our token holders to become Ivy Verified Token Holders in order to receive certain types of information. This risk-weighted approach resonates with our institutional clients and stakeholders. It also provides an added layer of security and comfort for our customers.

By becoming an Ivy Verified Token Holder you help protect Ivy, its token holders, partners and customers. It also allows us to provide token holders with information not suitable for widespread dissemination in more public forums.

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While becoming a Verified Token Holder is not a requirement, it’s needed to gain access to certain information and invitations to certain Ivy updates. Information communicated during these updates may be of a privileged nature or restricted manner, and to protect the Ivy business and its participants, Ivy needs to know who has access to that information, and Verified Token Holders need to agree to handle that information appropriately.

If you are a Token Holder, we think you will want to become a Verified Token Holder to get closer access to the Ivy Project and understand the larger strategic picture of where Ivy is going as a business.

If you have questions or concerns about the verification process, we encourage you to reach out to our management or Token Holder Relations team at your earliest convenience.